Work for Virgin: Product Lead, Virgin Family platform

Red Virgin logo on white background
The Virgin logo in red text on a white background
by Virgin
4 October 2022

Virgin Management has an exciting opportunity for a Product Lead to join the team to look after the new Virgin Family platform.

This role will:

  • Act as the Product Lead for the Virgin Family platform, by taking accountability for the product roadmap and driving a strategy and vision for how the design of the product and propositions will achieve the platform’s objectives and specified colleague, commercial and brand outcomes.

  • Work with the platform vendor, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Content team and Comms/Marketing teams to ensure the platform is of a consumer-grade experience, is attractive and well-marketed to Virgin employees, and is in keeping with Virgin’s Digital Experience and Brand guidelines.

  • Ensure full alignment with the Virgin Red Product discipline, operating to the same processes/practices/standards (e.g. aligned to quarterly planning, user first, data-driven where possible, outputs defined by OKRs, annual roadmap refreshed quarterly). 

  • Plan and manage future integration with Virgin Red (existing benefits and loyalty platform) and the One Virgin strategy (emerging cross-company data sharing strategy) to realise commercial benefits from the platform.

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Closing Date: 11 October 2022

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